Current Projects

The Getty Villa

At the moment, Athena's Repository is beginning to work on creating models of some of the sherds in storage at the Getty Villa! You can expect to see some models in the near future!

Ella Riegel Special Collections at Bryn Mawr College

During a short research trip, a portion of the small sherds in the collections of Bryn Mawr College have been photographed in preparation for models to be created. This work is ongoing.

Ure Museum of Greek Archaeology

In collaboration with Athena's Repository, the Ure Museum of Greek Archaeology and Dr. Amy Smith (University of Reading) is beginning to create 3D models of fragmentary pottery in their collection.

Originally, Dr. Amy Smith (University of Reading) and I were to present on this collaboration at the Classical Association 2020 meeting at Swansea University (Wales), however, this presentation was cancelled on account of the COVID-19 pandemic.